Angled Co-Cr base castable abutment

Ipd presents a solution for modifying and correcting angulation without the need of cement. Our new castable abutment attached to a mechanized Co-Cr base ensures a good fit and seal with the implant, perfectly accommodating the occlusal screw.

It is available in two angles, 15 ° and 25 °. Since it comes in two parts, it allows the castable, once positioned in the working model, to be rotated 360 º on its axis and into position at the discretion of the technician.

This angled Co-Cr base castable abutment system is supplied with a TPA screw, together with the Elliptic Torx Screwdriver, which is key to screwing the prosthesis to a maximum angle of 28°.
IPD has chosen this angulated-fixed design after observing the difficulties presented by other systems on the market with the casting process and, more specifically, in the joint area. This part has been improved with a mechanical retention on the base so that the castable fits perfectly, thereby avoiding possible tensions that could impair adhesion of the two parts and, at the same time, reducing unnecessary spaces where it is difficult to control the entry of metal and therefore possible weak points that may jeopardize the work.