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Digital dentistry: discover its benefits and how libraries are used

The digital era is here to stay, so much so that the methodology is being increasingly used during tasks, providing us dentists with easier ways of optimising treatments and shortening the time spent on them, as well as being able to work in a more guided and predictable manner.

Prosthetic implant daily full digital

One of the most exciting challenges of the time, marked by the digitalisation of dental procedures, is the possibility of bringing digital flows into everyday procedures simply, rapidly and in documented form.

Biomedical research on COVID-19

The University of Alcalá has launched a study on the biomedical characterization of patients for therapeutic individualization on COVID-19 and IPD has given its support.

We have renewed our ISO9001 and ISO13485 certificates

AENOR, the institution that regulates the development and dissemination of technical standards, has renewed IPD's ISO9001 and ISO 13485 certificates, reaffirming our commitment to deliver products of the highest quality.