With IPD direct implant library you can design all types of structures that can be secured directly to the implant interface.

This is our innovative and profitable solution for direct implant digital tasks that enables the manufacture of prostheses with high precision due to re-machined interface finishes and sintered framework.

This hybrid library differs because it has two manufacturing process phases:
Sintering and Re-machining.

This operation ensures the best possible fit, a good finish, and the highest possible precision in the most important areas for a prosthesis on implants, the implant connection.

The hybrid library can be used to design frameworks in the traditional manner with CAD software and to export the STL file to one of our certified milling center in Spain or Europe.

We also offer an indirect implant library for our unique Custom Ti-Base.

This library enables performing any type of prosthesis, fitting on top of a Ti-Base, obtaining a cemented-screw retained framework.
It is a versatile solution, with good aesthetic finishes and multiple manufacturing options. We also provide two different fitting options. One is tighter for manufacturing single abutments by milling (ceramic), and the other is looser for manufacturing bridges and single abutments by sintering (CrCo) or milling with PMMA.

The CAD libraries support every customized options, emergence profiles, chimney height and straight or angled screw channels, offered on each Custom Ti-Base.

3D models can be created by the use of a Desktop scanning device and an Intra-oral device making the workflow faster, easier and simpler. Tasks can be completed more quickly and cheaply in combination with our high precision digital analogs.

Accuracy is ensured thanks to our 11 different tolerances that adapt to every impression quality from the printers available in today’s market. This will help you decide the type of fitting available with your printer in order to send you the most suitable library for you.

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