Scan Abutment

Suitable for IO and Desktop scanning, IPD’ scan abutment offers the best performance in the market whilst allowing to use of Renishaw® tactile probe scan.

Our commitment with accuracy made us create a dedicated scan abutment to ensure matching the technical requirements of digital dentistry.

Starting with specific shapes for non-engaging and engaging abutments, as well as the two different abutment height on the engaging versions: 10mm for major cases and an extra of 15mm dedicated for deeper placements.

Making abutment always seating on the sagittal top of the implant or analogue jointly with our 5 microns manufacturing tolerances are making possible to warranty the Z axis precision no matter the implant interface whilst the titanium manufactured interface ensures a long lasting and accurate fitting as well allows to proceed checking the proper placing in mouth with X-Ray control.
The use of the titanium Nitride coating (TiN), aids on keeping a safe soft tissue thanks to its bacteriological properties.
Deciding on PEEK for the abutment head which guarantees the best possible performing in any scanning device meaning into an accurate implant placement into the CAD system.

Last but not least, its captive screw eases the use in the clinic while saves it to be falling apart and the reference code laser etching provides a simple an easy way have everything under control.