The Multi-unit system evolves to offer better features and new functionalities.
Find out everything that the Multi-unit system can do to improve your work flow.

Straight Multi-unit for single crowns

We modify every Multi-unit to add an anti-rotational morphology adaptable to single crown abutments. This new functionality means all straight Multi-units can be used to solve cases requiring fitting a single crown restoration. The corresponding prosthetic elements fulfil this new functionality in order to work either digitally or analogically. The regular non-engaging system remains unaffected by this morphological change.

TiN coating

The Multi-unit abutments are coated in titanium nitride (TiN). This coating enhances the abutment’s appearance, imbuing a golden colour and improving the patient both visually and aesthetically for cases when the transepithelial abutment remains exposed and the work is compromised in this way. It also provides antibacterial properties that prevent the adhesion of micro-particles that could derive in soft tissue infections. The TiN coating is applied to all straight and angled Multi-units.


Moving the abutment towards the patient is more convenient with the new carrier for straight Multi-units. It fits securely onto the implant. Every order for a engaging Multi-unit comes with a carrier free of charge.