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Stump Die 3D

Our software is designed to extend beyond dental implants and provide you with solutions across a range of digital restorative applications.
We understand that producing accurate, detachable diez in 3D printed models can be a challenge. We have developed a system which prevents any mobility and rotation of the detachable die. This solution ensures accurate positioning of the die in relation to the contact points of the adjacent teeth.

Technical specifications:

  • Double fixation at 90o which ensures the correct position of the die in the model.
  • Screws with quick thread for easy handling.
  • Unidirectional plane for positioning according to the model design..
  • Extended width at the base of the insert to check for proper seating..
  • Reduced size to enable its use in all types of dies..

IPD’s unique solution gives you the tools to ensure predictability and consistency with the removable dies in your 3D printed models.