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  • Non-Engaging Custom Interface - IPD/AA-IR-01/3D
  • Non-Engaging Custom Interface - IPD/AA-IR-03/3D
  • Non-Engaging Custom Interface - IPD/AA-IR-05/3D
  • Non-Engaging Custom Interface - IPD/BA-IW-01/3D
  • Non-Engaging Custom Interface - IPD/BA-IW-03/3D

Non-Engaging Custom Interface

Adjustable titanium base which gives us a passive fit with the implant. it is enabled to mill an opening for angled work using a guide piece according to work necessity. CAD-CAM libraries available
Titanium Grade 5: TAl6V4 alloy. Biocompatible material with excellent mechanical properties. It complies with ISO 5832-3.
TiN: Golden colored titanium nitride coating improves the aesthetics of the interface inside the prosthesis.
Reference Material Coating Height (mm) Platform
IPD/AA-IR-01/3D Titanium Grade 5 TiN 0.5 Ø4.1
IPD/AA-IR-03/3D Titanium Grade 5 TiN 1.5 Ø4.1
IPD/AA-IR-05/3D Titanium Grade 5 TiN 2.5 Ø4.1
IPD/BA-IW-01/3D Titanium Grade 5 TiN 0.5 Ø5.1
IPD/BA-IW-03/3D Titanium Grade 5 TiN 1.5 Ø5.1
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