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Scan Abutment Intra-Oral compatible with Sweden & Martina®-Outlink®


Intra/extra-oral scanning abutment to locate the position of the implant in the mouth or model


Titanium Grade 5 + PEEK: TAl6V4 alloy. Biocompatible material with excellent mechanical properties. It complies with ISO 5832-3.


TiN: Antibacterial gold coating that reduces wear, increases screw retention and improves the aesthetics of the abutment within the prosthesis.

  Reference Configuration Screw Torque Platform
IPD/AA-SR-00EngagingHex - 1,2154.1
IPD/AA-SR-01Non-engagingHex - 1,2154.1
IPD/AA-SR-02EngagingHex - 1,2154.1