Scan Abutments offer the best features in the market  

  • Compatible with intraoral systems (clinical) and with dekstop systems (laboratory).
  • Also compatible with the Renishaw® tactile probe system.
  • It includes a captive screw to prevent loss and make it easier to mount.
  • The TiN coating offers antibacterial properties to protect the gum.
  • The Titanium base ensures a long-lasting connection and enables the use of Rx.
  • The top section is made of PEEK, a polymer that favours implant reading and location.
  • Maximum Z-precision, as it rests on the sagittal plane of the implant or analog.
  • A tolerance of ± 5 microns throughout the entire manufacturing process.
  • Reference engraved by laser marking.
  • 2 heights for engaging: 10 mm for most cases, and 15 mm for situations involving a very deep implant.
  1. Captive screw
  2. TiN coating
  3. Titanium base
  4. Upper part made from PEEK
  5. The highest possible precision on the Z-axis
  6. Laser etched
  7. 2 heights for engaging versions.


Our CAD libraries have up to 7 different ScanBody tolerances to properly adapt to the precision of each type of scanner device in today’s market.

Custom Ti-Base System

With a new design that offers a wide range of advantages:  

  • New single-position asymmetrical trilobular engaging design.
  • Geometry that is easier to mill.
  • Helical grooves to ensure better grip.
  • A larger support surface for the prosthesis, avoiding insufficient thicknesses depending on the materials used.
  • Three different platforms: Narrow, Regular and Wide. This attenuates the emergence from the implant platform to the prosthesis base.
  • Adjustable height. With 8 mm as standard for engaging and 6.5 mm for non-engagings.
  • The angulation window can be adapted for all available heights, both for engaging and non-engaging.
  • CAD-CAM Libraries available for all possible variations.
  • Different emergency profiles up to 3.5 mm.
  • Cutting guides with a set screw to make cutting and milling easier.

Engaging Interface

With a height of 8 mm, the engaging interface can be cut on several levels (6.5 mm / 5 mm / 3.5 mm), depending on each task’s requirements.

Height adjustment is practical and simple using the cutting guides and fixation screw, making it possible to create the window for the angled screw channel for every available height from 6.5 mm.

Non-engaging interface

With a standard height up to 6.5 mm, and cutting possible on several levels (5 mm / 3.5 mm) the height can be adjusted in the same way as the engaging interfaces, depending on each case requirements, using the cutting guides and its fixation screw.

The window for angled implants can also be prepared for every available height.

Digital Analog

The innovative design of our Digital Analog, with two fixation screws, ensures the exact positioning of the analog in a 3D printed model.

Its two fixation screws ensure that the analog is in the correct position, with one located on the side and the other at the bottom.

The side screw also enables the use of an articulator without losing the bite registration.

TPA System

With pentalobular connection that offers a more stable grip, providing greater reliability at the same time of exerting force with the screwdriver. Increased resistance, up to 9.7%.

With the new TPA Screwdriver with pentalobular Elliptical Screwdriver that ensures a greater grip guaranteeing a good transmission of the recommended torque in all possible angles. Also offers:

  • Improved wear resistance
  • Fracture resistance increase up to 9.7%

With a DLC coating that provides:

  • Higher hardness: 2500 vickers
  • Lower friction coefficient (0.15), avoiding possible jams when applying the torque.
  • Matte black color reduces glare or reflections caused by light bulbs


The Multi-unit system evolves to offer better features and new functionalities.
Find out everything that the Multi-unit system can do to improve your work flow.

Straight Multi-unit for single crowns

We modify every Multi-unit to add an anti-rotational morphology adaptable to single crown abutments. This new functionality means all straight Multi-units can be used to solve cases requiring fitting a single crown restoration. The corresponding prosthetic elements fulfil this new functionality in order to work either digitally or analogically. The regular non-engaging system remains unaffected by this morphological change.

TiN coating

The Multi-unit abutments are coated in titanium nitride (TiN). This coating enhances the abutment’s appearance, imbuing a golden colour and improving the patient both visually and aesthetically for cases when the transepithelial abutment remains exposed and the work is compromised in this way. It also provides antibacterial properties that prevent the adhesion of micro-particles that could derive in soft tissue infections. The TiN coating is applied to all straight and angled Multi-units.


Moving the abutment towards the patient is more convenient with the new carrier for straight Multi-units. It fits securely onto the implant. Every order for a engaging Multi-unit comes with a carrier free of charge.