The IPD Foundation donates 15 eye-trackers for the best Education projects


The IPD Foundation donates 15 eye-trackers for the best Education projects.

We are delighted to announce that we now have the 15 winning projects that have secured an IRISBOND eye-tracker for their school!

The IPD Foundation is extremely proud to have contributed an investment of €85,000 to a project aimed at supporting the implementation of Augmentative and Alternative Communication Systems in Spanish schools. This technology enables children with various abilities to communicate, read, interact, and enjoy greater inclusion.

At the IPD Foundation, we are committed to supporting and funding various projects dedicated to a specific segment: intellectual disability.

Selected Projects:

  1. CEE Can Rigol, Cataluña
  2. Colegio Concertado Educación Especial Aidemar, Murcia
  3. Centrp Sinergia (Fundación Aisse), Andalucía
  4. CEE Pérez Urruti, Murcia
  5. CEE Arboleda, Aragón
  6. CEE Tomás Llacer, Comunidad Valenciana
  7. CEE Hermano Pedro (EOEP), Canarias
  8. CEE Directora Mercedes San Romá, Andalucía
  9. CEE Infanta Elena, Castilla-La Mancha
  10. CPEE Alborada, Aragón
  11. Colegio La Purísima de Madrid, Madrid
  12. Escuela Educación Especial Arboç, Cataluña
  13. Fundación Númen, Madrid
  14. CEE Padre Apolinar, Cantabria
  15. CEE Número 1, Castilla y León