The IPD Foundation inaugurates the project "Los patios de mi cole" at the AFANIAS Las Victorias school in Madrid

The IPD Foundation has collaborated with the special education school of Nuestra Señora de Las Victorias of AFANIAS to improve the quality of life of the students.

The "Los patios de mi cole" project is the first of many in which the IPD Foundation has collaborated, which "was born as a personal requirement of the IPD company..." in the words of Miguel Angel Nieves, CEO of IPD, " order to support and finance different projects aimed at a specific segment: intellectual disability".  

The Foundation's first mission has focused on covering the project "Los patios de mi cole" of the Las Victorias School in Madrid. A school for children with intellectual difficulties, where IPD has helped in the adaptation and renovation of the outdoor spaces so that the children can carry out daily activities.

The event was attended by the heads of the IPD Foundation (both IPD and ProA Capital), members of the Board of Directors of AFANIAS and the management of the centres, who were very grateful for the Foundation's support and expressed their gratitude and willingness to collaborate in the future.

In the words of Hortensia García, member of the Board of Directors of AFANIAS, "Play is very important for education. Through play we learn to enjoy, respect, share, manage frustration, develop our intelligence, skills,... In short, play helps us to grow. With this donation, the IPD Foundation collaborates in a very direct way with our educational project, helping the social inclusion of students with intellectual disabilities".